March 3, 2012

Jamnesty Committees

Here are the Jamnesty committees! We apologise if you did not get put in the committee you originally requested. If you would prefer to be moved to a new committee, let us know ( Thank you to everyone who volunteered! Also, we will be in touch with committee leaders soon.

Promotion: You'll help spread the word to the school and community about Jamnesty and why they should come.
Committee Leader: Tess
Committee Members: Fran, Elizabeth, Stephanie, Laura, Katlyn, Michela, Alex, Katy, Lauren Susi

Music: This committee will be in charge of the bands.
Committee Leader: Jess
Committee Members: Melissa

House: The house committee will sell tickets, sell food at the event, and be in charge of picking the judges and helping them during the event.
Committee Leader: Paige
Committee Members: Mandy, Lauren Scahill, Haley, Allison

Stage: You will make sure everything backstage runs smoothly during the event.
Committee Leader: Sarah
Committee Members: Mikayla, Rachel, Savannah, Asia