March 21, 2013

Committee meetings 3-20-13

We're going to be teaming up with the YUGA club to host an assembly during AIM by Beth Murphy about gender inequality for YUGA's Because I am a Girl Campaign. Beth Murphy, an LHS alum, founded Principle Pictures, where she makes documentaries mainly about human rights and international issues. Her current project is about girl's education in Afghanistan so she will be speaking about that issue and sharing a trailer for the documentary. Fran will work with two members of the YUGA club to promote the assembly and the Because I am a Girl campaign.

Jamnesty is coming up on May 3 at 7:00! All committees met at the meeting and made plans for what they needed to work on.

Promotion: Poster party date will be put on Facebook soon
Bands: Band meeting will be on April 11 after school. Encourage bands you know to sign up in rm 211.
House: They're finding judges.
Stage: Looking into MC's.

March 20, 2013

Jamnesty Committees

Promotion: Mikey, Tess, Katy, Fran, Becca, Michela
Bands: Ellie, Melissa, Jess
House: Rachelle, Mandy, Alex, Paige, Lauren
Stage: Asia, Rachel Moniz, Sara, Mikayla Nixie