October 15, 2011

Free Rice Results

Sophomores win!
  1. Sophomores – 314390 grains 
  2. Juniors – 152910 grains 
  3. Freshman – 136000 grains 
  4. Seniors – 59110 grains

October 11, 2011

FreeRice.com Update

Only 4 days left in the competition....

October 6, 2011

FreeRice.com Competition Begins!

We are promoting a FreeRice.com competition next week as part of Spirit Week. Student Congress is graciously awarding extra spirit points to each class. However, this is a competition, so the class that earns the most “rice” earns the most spirit points.

Simply go to FreeRice.com and answer questions about language, geography, science, math, literature, etc. For each correct answer FreeRice.com donates 10 grains of rice to the UN's World Hunger Programme, which in turn delivers it to the world’s hungry. No money involved, just time.

LHS has an account:
username = LHSAI
password = spiritweek

Go to FreeRice.com and login with the above credentials. From there, simply look below at the “Groups” and select your class, e.g. LHSJuniors. There is no limit from there, just start answering questions. Be sure to login as LHSAI and select the “group” that represents your class to get credit for Spirit Week. The competition starts Friday the 7th and ends at 8:00 am on Friday the 14th.

October 5, 2011

October 4, 2011



Our freerice.com Spirit Week challenge is happening next week. Each class will be in competition to achieve the most grains of rice. The winning class will earn extra spirit points for the week. We need volunteers to promote the competition during morning meetings. Let Mr. Jannke, Brenna, Jenna, etc., or any AI crew member know if you can help spread the word. Mr. Jannke will have to give you a pass help, so be sure your name gets on the list!