February 24, 2016

Jamnesty Planning Timeline

  • March 10, 7pm - Recruit bands from Coffee House
  • March 16, 9am - Bag Jolly Ranchers during AIM 30
  • March 28 - Hang peace tee and ticket sales posters
  • March 30, 9am - Pass out Jolly ranchers and fact sheet to advisories and teachers
  • March 30, 9:30am - Activity Period meeting
  • March 30, 6pm - Meet to hide eggs in school
  • April 4-8 - Tee and ticket sales during lunch
  • April 8, 7pm - Jamnesty!

What is life like for refugees AFTER they are resettled? This is our topic for Jamnesty 2016.

It typically takes 18 to 24 months for a Syrian refugee to be considered and checked before being admitted. (Washington Post)

Half the accepted refugees so far [by the United States] have been children. (Washington Post)

Syria's direct neighbors bear a huge burden, with Jordan, Lebanon, and Turkey each hosting more than a million refugees (The World Post).

 Syrian refugees in Jordan are often subjected to life inside of tent encampments, set up to house “cities” of refugees. In the most common camp, Zaatari, it contains around 80,000 people, more than half of which are individuals under the age of 18 (The World Post).

 Refugees living in these encampments in Jordan receive a stipend of $30 a month to live upon (The World Post).

 Thousands of refugees cross Syrian borders into neighboring countries every day, half of which are children (Think Progress).

 In April 2012, there were 18,000 Syrian refugees in Lebanon; by April 2013, there were 356,000, and now, in April this year, 1 million (UNHCR).

 1 out of 5 people in Lebanon are Syrian refugees, because of this influx, Lebanon is approaching the estimated population count anticipated for 2050 (UNHCR).

 The U.N. estimates that 6.6 million are internally displaced (mercycorps.org)

 The majority of Syrian refugees are living in Jordan and Lebanon (mercycorps.org)

 In Jordan and Lebanon there are 70,000 refugee families without fathers, and 3,700 children separated from both parents. (brookings.edu)

 Turkey, which houses more Syrian refugees than any other country, has welcomed 2 million, or 2.67% of its total population of 75 million. (The Guardian)

 With some 86% of refugees in Jordan living below the poverty line, refugee children are frequently the main breadwinners for their families (Time Magazine)

 Refugees receive a stipend of roughly $30 a month. [in the Za’atari camp] (forbes.com)

February 17, 2016

February Meeting Agenda

  • Photographer confirmed?
  • Judges confirmed?
  • Emcees confirmed?
  • Flyer going up today
  • Video update
  • Eggs/Jolly Ranchers review plan/logistics
  • Choose facts
  • Poster meetings next week on Mon and Wed
  • SLC