October 12, 2014

New Colonel Article on ISIL

The first batch of articles just came out for the September-October issue of the Colonel. Here is the article on ISIL by Annabelle Dunbar.

October 9, 2014

Video on the Plight of Girls Worldwide

New Amnesty Tees

To pre-order your new Amnesty t-shirt at cost, $7, pick a color and size and email Mr. Jannke at kjannke@ledyard.net. Click here for the color palette.

Big Meeting Today

We will be welcoming new freshman today. We will be focusing on girls and access to education in support of BIAG week. We have a surprise for you today, too. Don't forget to wear pink tomorrow!

October 7, 2014

Remind 101

You should really subscribe to our Remind101 distribution list. Leaders and Mr. Jannke can text you important reminders and updates so we all stay on the same page. It is completely safe and secure. No one knows your phone number. Just text the code @ledyardai to 860-483-8758. You can leave the group at any time.