December 16, 2008

Holiday Cards

During activity period on December 10 we made over 50 holiday cards to support people who stood up for what they believed in and were wrongfully imprisoned and don't have anything to look forward to over the holidays.

December 11, 2008


Peace Tee Shirts

Our main project this fall was to promote the concept of peace. Over 200 of our shirts made it out into the school community. The campaign culminated with a day of peace on November 24, 2008, were as many people in the school as possible wore symbols of peace.

From the Archives - Jamnesty 2007

From the archives...this picture is from Jamnesty 2007, which focused on Darfur.

Child Soldiers - Jamnesty 2008

Help put and end to the use of child soldiers. Visit to see what you can do to help. We donated all of our profits from the spring 2008 Jamnesty ($660) to Invisible Children. The money will be used to help run schools for former child soldiers.

Connecticut Lobby Day - March 2008

Check out Ashley and Shaina lobbying in Hartford on AI's Connecticut Lobby Day.