January 19, 2013

New LHS YUGA (Youth United for Global Action and Awareness) Chapter

Interested in doing more about global issues? A new club is starting at LHS called YUGA (Youth United for Global Action and Awareness) which will take action on global issues through raising awareness and supporting solutions to these problems. We will meet twice a month on Tuesdays after school in room 211. Check out our blog and come to our next Meeting on February 5 after school in room 211.

Trafficking in CT

Here are two articles about instances of human trafficking that occurred fairly recently in Connecticut:

Meeting Notes 12-19-12

Lots of progress is being made on all three of our projects!

Colonel Article: Ellie and Kenneth
Abby agreed to do an article about human trafficking for the March edition of the Colonel. Ellie and Kenneth will be working on collecting data about the slavery footprints of LHS students to use in the Colonel article. Hopefully, they will have students fill out paper surveys during AIM, then enter the information into the online quiz.

$50 Fugitive: Tess
You can find details discussed during the meeting in the $50 Fugitive posts. Katy, Becca, Fran, and Paige volunteered to make posters. Someone will try to get us permission to hang a big poster in the lobby. We decided one of the clues should be the definition of human trafficking.

"Taken" Movie Night: Asia
Asia has started planning for the movie night, but won't be doing much until after break, as movie night will be at the end of February. Anyone interested in making posters should contact her, though.

At the meeting we signed letters for Amnesty's Write for Rights campaign, to demand the release of two members of a Russian band, Pussy Riot, who sang a song which offended the government, and are now in labor camps. Find more info about the case and sign an online version of the letter here!