October 24, 2012

Liberty in North Korea

This is an interesting organization that Kenn has shared with us!!

October 17, 2012

Meeting Notes: 10-10-12

Here are some notes from our meeting back on October, 10th:
  • Join the Facebook group if you haven't yet, it's called LHS Amnesty International.
  • Katy, Asia, and Savannah will be preparing some information on human trafficking for us for the next meeting.
  • Don't forget to sign the petition below if you have not yet to prevent the destruction of ancient site Mes Aynak.
  • Free Rice:
    • Haley and Lauren will be organizing our FreeRice Spirit Week  competition (assuming it gets approved, which we are in the process of doing right now!).
    • We will promote the competition through posters, MM announcements, and possibly an intercom announcement.
    • Mandy, Katy, Elizabeth, and Rachelle will make posters to help with promotion (three posters each). Look out for more info about what to include on the posters the next week or two!
Also look out for information about the FreeRice competition in general--it will be starting before our next meeting so we'll be communicating about it through Facebook and the blog!

October 10, 2012

Prevent destruction of ancient site of Mes Aynak

Please sign this petition to help stop the destruction of the ancient site of Mes Aynak and the environmental damage that will occur as a result of the Chinese mining for copper.