February 18, 2013

Meeting Notes 2-13-13

$50 Fugitive was great! People who volunteered at the lunch table did a great job passing out lollipops, which turned out to be a very effective way to get out the human trafficking facts! To keep the competition from ending too early next time, we talked about again having a second fugitive or limiting the amount of guesses students can make, possibly by having them submit paper slips.

The "Taken" movie screening is coming up on February 28th from 6:00-8:30. Asia will be posting information for those people who volunteered to make posters about what to do with them.

We started planning Jamnesty, which will be on May 3rd! We chose committees which will be posted soon. Talk to Brenna if you would like to be on a committee but were not able to attend the meeting.

February 6, 2013

Second fugitive on the loose!

Even though Rachel Davies discovered the first fugitive, the search is not over yet! There is a second fugitive on the loose! Correctly identify this fugitive to receive a $30 runner up Starbucks or Dunkin Donuts gift card. There will be two new facts and two new clues coming out tomorrow and Friday about the new fugitive, only these facts will allow you to identify the second fugitive. See the announcements for facts and clues. Good luck!

Meeting 1-30-13

Ellie and Kenneth are making steady progress on the Colonel article--they are waiting for it to be approved for an AIM activity.

Poster makers are needed to help promote the Taken screening. See Asia if you can help.

The $50 Fugitive competition will take place Feb. 4th-8th. Talk about it with your friends, in your classes, and on Twitter to spread the word!!