June 6, 2012

Year in Review/Amnesty 2012-2013...

Through Jamnesty, selling t-shirts, movie screenings, and other projects our club organized this year, we have raised awareness about the importance of protecting human rights and have raised money to donate to Amnesty International through Jamnesty. We had a great year with lots of successful events and projects!

Our leadership group, Tess, Mandy, Jess and I, who will help lead the club next school year, met today to reflect on the past year and to brainstorm project ideas for next year. Here's what we discussed:

  • Leadership Group:
    • 4 Juniors
    • 1 Sophomore
    • 1 Freshman
  • Create a new Facebook group to communicate with club
  • What can be improved for next year:
    • Movie nights: pick a less busy time of year, better promotion
    • Current issue presentations, quicker/more interactive
  • What went well this year:
    • Jamensty
    • Free Rice
    • Blog
  • Project ideas and goals for next year:
    • Ultimate frisbee tournament
    • Permanent event, maybe in fall
    • More consistent
    • Dance off
    • Speaker