December 16, 2015

Jamnesty Planning Meeting Notes

Jamnesty is Friday April 8!

Band Flyer - Gianni
Sound - Gianni
Lights - Gianni
Band Manager - Shelby (set list, cue, setup help)
Lobby Manager - Sam (admission, etc.)
Food Committee - Kelly
Photographer - Molly (need to ask)
Video - Rachel and Akira
Emcee - Luke, Kevin, Logan, Avery (need to ask)
Judges - O'Brien, Wiz, Palmieri, Casertano, Malovasos, Byrne, Green, Robinsons, Lambert, Douglass (need to ask, but should maybe prioritize first)
Egg Promo - Danny (week of March 28)
Tee Sales/Promo - (week of April 4)
Cause - Life inside a camp or life after being resettled

December 13, 2015

Activity Period Meeting Agenda December 16

  • Peace Out - the good, the bad, improvements?
  • Jamnesty - planning