May 29, 2018

$50 Fugitive Rules

Win a $50 gift card to Dunkin' Donuts or Starbucks, your choice. To do so, you must correctly and properly identify the $50 Fugitive. The $50 Fugitive is a teacher at LHS. Each day this week, we will offer a clue to help you identify the Fugitive. Also, we will be sharing facts about the current Rohingya genocide in Myanmar.

If you think you have determined who the Fugitive is, you must approach the Fugitive to accuse. BUT FIRST, you must recite 3 facts about the Rohingya genocide in Myanmar. Even if you identify the correct teacher, the teacher will deny being the Fugitive until the correct facts are given. Finally, you CANNOT accuse the Fugitive during class time. You'll need to approach him/her during passing periods, lunch, etc.