March 23, 2015

$50 Fugitive Contest Begins Today

As part of Amnesty’s Peace Week, we are hosting our annual $50 Fugitive contest. There is a “fugitive” on the loose at LHS. Each day this week, a FACT about a different refugee crisis will be paired with a CLUE about the identity of the “fugitive,” and shared via the announcements.
  • The fugitive is a member of the LHS faculty 
  • Only students can win
  • To win, a student must correctly identify the fugitive and recite three of the facts about refugee crises to the faculty member
  • Students may not begin identifying the fugitive until Wednesday
  • Without the 3 facts the faculty member will deny being the fugitive
  • Students may not try to identify the fugitive during class time 
  • The winner will receive either a $50 Dunkin Donuts or $50 Starbucksgift card, their choice