April 29, 2012

Jamnesty 2012

Jamnesty 2012 was a huge success with 10 bands and over 150 people in attendance. We celebrated Amnesty International's 50th birthday in style. Temporary Name, Ukulele Orchestra, Double O Negative, In This Order and  Justin, Duncan, Kendall & the Jester played in the first set. Everyone learned about what Amnesty International has been doing over the last half century. It's amazing what they/we've accomplished over the years without the Internet, Facebook and Twitter! Too Mainstream, The Half, Silver Hammer, Kendall & the Kendallettes and Stand Tall performed during the second set. Throughout the evening we were entertained by our incredible MCs Ally and Mitch. Congratulations to this year's winners!
  • 1st Place - Too Mainstream
  • 2nd Place - Silver Hammer
  • 3rd Place - Justin, Duncan, Kendall & the Jester